Where to eat in Wasaga Beach

There are a number of good places to eat in Wasaga Beach but you have to know where to go.

Just this past summer I was searching for something a little different and cam across an ad for a Caribbean place between Wasaga and Stayner called Angie’s Place. They serve jerk chicken, rotis and various curries. I had their goat curry in roti, my husband had their jerk chicken in roti and we also tried their fried plantain. All were absolutely delicious and both the chicken and goat dishes had a lot of meat and were large portions for the price. Angie’s Place address is 5968 27/28 Side Rd in Stayner. 27/28 Side Rd runs perpendicular between Sunnidale and Hwy 26th. Their phone number is 705-428-0591 and although they have a small sitting area they are take out only.

Another great place is Barcelos which is a small family owned Portuguese place on the corner of Mosley and Sunnidale behind the Mac’s convenient store. Their hours are a little unpredictable but they serve great breakfasts and all around good food although their prices for lunch and dinner are a little on the high end. If there is any kind of sporting event on tv their small patio is the place to be!

If you’re just in the mood for pizza then there are many places to choose from. A new addition in town is Pizza Depot (see http://www.pizzadepot.ca/menu.html) they are on 45th Street right across for the Great Canadian Super Store grocery store. They deliver for free on orders of $10 and more in the beach. I’ve had many of their pizzas and they are very good and their prices can’t be beat. They also offer 1 free dipping sauce with each order and those are very similar to Pizza Pizza’s dipping sauces. There is also a Pizza Pizza in town at Beach 1 on Mosley. I’m sure you’re all familiar with their menu but you can find that at http://pizzapizza.com/ . You can also try Toppers Pizza on Mosley near the Tim Horton’s plaza (http://www.toppers.ca/). Their pizzas are good too but their prices are comparable to Pizza Hut. Speaking of Pizza Hut the closest one is in Stayner at 203 Main St and their website is http://www.pizzahut.ca/ .

A good place for Sunday brunch is the “Family Restaurant” on Mosley in the small strip mall between Sunnidale Rd and the Tim Horton’s plaza. Brunch is served 9am-2pm (I’m pretty sure) the price is about $12 per person but they serve a lot of food. They have all the usual bacon, eggs, pancakes and fruit but also serve hand carved ham and roast beef and pasta. Their lunch a dinner menu are fairly good (sandwiches, soup, meat and potatoes…etc) and their prices and reasonable.

As far as ice cream goes an interesting place is Mr. Norm’s Nephew on Mosley around beach 3. They offer custom flavours of soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt. What they do is start with vanilla and blend in your favourite fruit, candy and other flavours. I tried their mocha coffee which they blended instant coffee and Nestle Quick powder into the frozen yogurt. The flavour was great but there were tiny crunchy grains from the sugar in the Quick powder. I would go back to try another flavour! Of course being a beach the town has many ice cream shops including a Dairy Queen.

A great fish and chip place is just outside of Stayner on HWY 26 just west of Sunnidale Rd. I want to say it’s called Blue Mountain or Georgian Fish and Chips. They close fairly early but have nice portions of yummy battered fish and chips.

If you have any other suggestions of good places to eat in Wasaga Beach please let me know and I will try them out and then maybe add them to this list.

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