Tips for Renting a Cottage in Wasaga Beach

If you have been calling around or surfing the web looking for a cottage to rent in Wasaga Beach here are a few tips and questions to ask before you book.

#1 How old is the cottage?
There are so many old and run down cottages and cabins (even in cottage courts) that have just not be kept up. You may find yourself in a musty, moldy cottage with 70’s wood paneling on the walls, brown linoleum on the floors and pieced together furniture and appliances that might even be older then you! Do you really want to pay $800-$1000 a week for something dark, dingy, old and musty and be 1 block from the beach or do you want a well kept clean cottage with all of the amenities of home that’s 3 blocks from the beach for the same price?

#2 What do they offer?
Ask they have a full kitchen or just an efficiency. Also make sure they have items you are likely to use like a coffee maker, toaster, microwave…etc

Ask if the provide towels, bed linens and pillows and if there are laundry facilities on site (if you think you’ll require that).

Some cottage owners are even generous enough to provide their tenants with a parking pass good at any beach parking lot. That can save you approx. $10 per day.

#3 Do they have air conditioning?
I have been in a few cottages on the hottest summer days and it was unbearable even sitting in front of the 1 fan they had there. If they don’t have central air window units can do the job.

Ceiling fans and portable fans can come in handy as well. **Most cottages do not offer a/c at all.

#4 What do they have to do on a rainy day?
Ask about their TV…I’ve seen way too many ancient TV sets with rabbit ears and no cable (good luck trying to find more then 1 channel that’s not all snowy). Also find out if they have a DVD player or VCR and if they have any movies there for you to watch. You can also ask if they provide any board games or if you should bring you own. Some cottages even have arcade games or Foosball tables.

#5 Do they allow pets?
This is a good question for 2 reasons…#1 if you have a pet you would like to bring or #2 you have allergies and a dog or cat having been in the cottage a few days or weeks before your stay would have you sneezing and itchy during your vacation.

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